The late summer begins and the temperatures are getting cooler again! The more we still want to spend as much time as possible outdoors and enjoy the sun! So why not combine it with your favourite sports? OK, I know… It’s not as easy as taking your yoga routine outdoors, as you need some preparation and equipment, but it’s definitely worth it! Read on for the top 5 reasons why you should take your pole training outdoors.


Before getting into the befits, let’s have a chat on what you need to get started!

Pole dance is usually practiced in the gym or dedicated pole dance studios on fixed poles. The more famous pole dance has become, the more I have noticed pole dancers taking their pole dance training outdoors with so called stage poles or mobile poles (me included 😉). I’m aware that not everyone is in the fortunate position to have a stage pole at home or available to them. But there are more and more people purchasing one of those mobile poles for their training at home and I’m sure there’s someone you know who you has one. Many pole dance studios also have stage poles available. So why not ask at your local pole studio if they could organise a pole jam or if they just rent it out to you? Also, you can find more and more offers for pole rentals online.

When you have managed to find a pole, your half way there. Now all you have to do is pack your favourite outfit & music and off we go.


Next up is the question where to set up the pole? There are almost no limits, and it totally depends on your training goals. Do you want to focus on proper trainingpreferably alone – or do you prefer to dance together with friends and just have a good time? Or are you looking for a beautiful location in nature where you can dance and flow and fully connect with nature?

I have already set up my pole near the beach, in the park and on my home terrace. Personally, I love dancing on my terrace (with a great view), as I love to get lost while dancing and prefer not having anyone around watching😉. That being said, I also enjoy meeting my pole buddies in the park for a pole picnic on a Saturday afternoon.

If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, why not combine a beach day with friends and a pole jam? When your main goal is to take beautiful pictures, try a spot at the beach or a beautiful lake. If have also seen beautiful pictures in tulip or sunflower fields (don’t forget to ask for permission). And dancing into the Golden Hour makes the pictures even more amazing and gives them a romantic note.

If you’re not already full of excitement and already packing your pole bag, I have put together 5 reasons why you should take your pole training outdoors.


Pole Dance itself is already therapy… add nature and fresh air into the mix and it can’t get any better! Spending time in nature is the most obvious benefit of training outdoors. Most of us live our days cooped up in our offices and apartments. Taking your pole dance routine outside is a refreshing escape from everyday life.

You don’t need to carry your pole into forests or fields. It can be already enough to set it up in your garden or the local park where you can feel the wind blowing through hair and enjoy the benefits of bein in the nature.


It is well known that fresh air and natural light revive and provide more energy for the mind and body. Being out in the green of nature or right by the water refreshes and resets the mind and is one of the most natural mood lifters! Green places are proven to reduce stress hormones, and boost endorphin and dopamine levels, making you more happy.


Being outdoors exposes us to vitamin D which already brings its own set of health benefits, especially when we realize that we spend about 90% of our lives indoors. The so called ‘nature effect’ shows how even a very brief exposure to the sight, sound, smell, or feel of nature can have a beneficial effect on our physical health and mental well-being. Vitamin D is essential for healthy muscles and bones and the overall immune function.

So, when we train outdoors, we can enjoy those benefits of sunshine. But don’t forget to bring a protective sunscreen (pay attention with too much lotion on your press points) and enough hydration.


Break the routine! Dancing outdoors can give you new inspirations as you will have to adapt your regular pole training routine. For all those usually visiting pole dance classes in the pole studio, this is your chance to get out of your comfort zone and to make up own combos and train your favourite tricks without being supervised (or bothered😉) by your beloved instructor.

If you choose to train in public areas, you might happen that you have some spectators watching. Why not take the chance to proudly show off what you have been working on the last 6 month behind closed doors at your studio? And maybe with this little extra pressure, you might finally manage to hold your handspring for a few seconds longer? But also, when you just dance in the garden of your parents’ house, being outdoors will force you to adapt to a new training environment (+ wind & heat). Instead of working on your bad side, you maybe just want to get lost to beautiful music and connect to nature

All in all, the location you choose will inspire your training and your style (either sensual or sporty) and influence your training results in positive way.


Especially when you have decided to meet up with your pole besties for a pole picnic under the sun, it will be an awesome and unforgettable summer experience. Why not meet up with your crew in a local park? Performing your favourite tricks, learning new ones from the others, or trying some pole double tricks will just be so much fun. Make sure to bring snacks and drinks and good music. And don’t forget to take pictures in your favourite pole dance outfit!

So what are you waiting for! Let's go out and explore new locations!

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