More than ever, it has become crucial for everyone of us to live and consume more sustainably and consciously. From day one it was our goal to build up a polewear brand supporting ethical and sustainable practices and put this goal over profit maximization. We are still far from perfect, but we are working hard on making things different from scratch, inspire and contribute to a more sustainable future. Therefore, we want to take you along our journey from the very beginning and make our business more transparent to you.


We at abhy believe that producing quality activewear doesn’t equal a trade-off between profit, our environment, or ethics. We believe that there always exist more sustainable alternatives. With every decision that comes up, we strive for choosing the most sustainable alternative. By supporting sustainable practices, we seek to create pole clothing with a smaller global footprint and more responsibility throughout the entire production process. We want to help make our planet a little safer and greener for future generations and create awareness of sustainable practices.


One of the most interesting points for you may be our fabrics. We cautiously select the materials for our pole wear essentials according to high quality characteristics and ecological aspects. A comfortable wearing feeling, long durability, and especially a high standard of sustainability are crucial. We love to learn more about new and innovative materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.
For our pole bras and pole shorts we use only recycled materials, so that the use of new, finite raw materials is strongly reduced.  We source our superior quality fabrics from Italy, which consist of ECONYL® regenerated nylon. ECONYL® yarn is a 100% regenerated nylon made from nylon waste, such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpeting and industrial plastics and that would otherwise pollute the planet. It’s the same as regular nylon and can be recycled, recreated, and remoulded infinitely. That means you create and buy new products without ever having to use new resources.
ECONYL® regenerated nylon is not only a solution for waste, but also better for climate change compared to traditional nylon from oil (find out more here).
For our first shirt and sweater collection we have used organic cotton because we are convinced of the quality and of this high-quality material. When selecting the fabrics, we pay attention to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification in order to work with sustainable materials only. The GOTS seal is the world's leading standard for the production and processing of textiles made from organically produced natural fibres. Compared to conventional cotton, certified organic cotton has various advantages. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are not used in its cultivation and less water is needed compared to production of regular cotton. Globally, most sustainable organic cotton is grown on farms that use rainwater for watering the plants, which means that precious fresh water can be saved. Compared to conventionally farmed soil, the soil is more healthy due to crop rotation, and thus contains more nutrients and stores water significantly better. Furthermore, organic cotton is breathable, durable and has a soft and pleasant wearing comfort. A good moisture-regulating effect and a low allergy potential makes it a perfect fabric for everyday polewear essentials.
Thus, with our polewear collection we are not only bringing ecofriendly alternatives to you, but also the highest quality!


For us, it is not only important how our garments are made, but also who makes them.When selecting our sewing factories, it was especially important to us that they offer excellent working conditions for their employees and are mainly located in Europe.
The production of our pole wear sets takes place in a small and socially responsible family business in Germany. Our pole shirts are sewn in certified sewing factories in Austria and Ukraine and meet the highest quality standards. Two production steps take place for the hoddies and joggers: The product blank is made by our manufacturer in certified factories in Bangladesh and the finishing takes place in Germany.


We consider every single action we make and enjoy searching the best sustainable packaging solutions. We try to only use recycled or organic materials to pack your parcels. All our labels, tags and packaging are sourced from suppliers in Germany. Cartons, flyers, wrapping paper and envelopes are made from recycled or eco-certified paper like grass paper. With our packaging we try to minimize waste. That’s why the parcel we sent out to you have minimal packaging and no knick-knacks. Finally, we are proud that through our local shipping partner, our shipping is 100% climate neutral.
We hope that this blog post has given you a little bit more transparency about what we do. We try our best to take further steps towards a more sustainable future and are looking forward to everyone sharing our values and joining our journey!

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